The Secret of My Success

shoppingOk that sounds kind of braggy, but let me make sure it’s clear…I’m talking about MY success, peeps! This is what works for me! Your success will look completely different than mine. However, I do have some tips that may help you along the way to yours.

I will start a new job this week. I left a job that most people on this earth would think was the be-all-end-all and in some ways, it certainly was. I could work from home and make my own schedule, which as many of you know allowed me to even take my work to the U.S. Virgin Islands for three weeks. Oh, am I bragging again? I guess that is a bit of a boast, but it really drives the point home that even with the possibility of sunny beaches, working from home isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. It certainly wasn’t mine, even though I could drink a cup of beloved coffee any time I damn well pleased, work in my pjs and take a long shopping-lunch.

You see, I am a people person. (and now you’re saying, duh.) I love being around people, I get energy from being around people, and nothing makes me happier than connecting with someone—even if it’s just for a shining moment. That’s what life is to me. And working on my butt all day in my house all alone, while convenient, didn’t make me happy. I literally took a nap almost every day because I was so drained, also because the work itself didn’t challenge me or use many of my strengths and talents.

This new job kind of fell into my lap, or so it seemed. But did it? What started out as a shopping for a new bag experience—don’t even get my husband started—eventually turned into a new opportunity. No one offered me a job at that time, but I listened to my heart and followed my instincts and took a chance, and voila! A new adventure will soon begin. Here’s what happened:

I was innocently (ok, not so innocently) shopping for a new bag. A fabulous dude who I actually informed was my spirit animal swooped me up and we had the most amazing experience together. Yes, he was selling me a purse—of course he was. But he made it personal, he was knowledgable, not pushy at all, and we had so much damn fun. We laughed and played. And in that moment I realized that I was definitely in my Happy Place. Mind you, this was BEFORE I bought my bag. It wasn’t the Thing, it was the Experience.

I realized then and there that THIS was what was missing from my life. Yes, it can be crappy hours and crabby customers, working on your feet all day in a frickin’ mall, of all places. But creating these experiences is what I’m good at, and it’s what I love. It’s my Strength. And it’s what fuels me. I knew then and there that somehow, I needed more of that in my life. And who am I kidding? I’ve always loved the mall.

Before I knew what was coming out of my mouth, I told this guy that I wanted to work for him. Unfortunately he wasn’t in a position to hire me, but he highly suggested that I apply at his company because it was a wonderful place to work and that I’d be a good fit. What the hell, I thought. I applied thinking I could maybe do some temporary holiday work and a week later I was offered a permanent position.

Do you see what happened there? Actually, I myself didn’t even see it immediately, it was my wise friend Darcie that pointed it out. When I told her the story she casually remarked that she loves how present I am, and that because I am open to things in the moment and so in tune with who I am and what I love, this all just worked out for me. And she’s right. This isn’t something I consciously do—it’s something that, over time, I’ve learned is the only way for me to live happily and authentically. It’s why I like to do lots of different things, and how I’ve learned to forgive myself for that, and how I feel truly successful when I leave a job where I make my own schedule to work on the sales floor. I’ll make it my own, I’ll make it fun and I’ll use my strengths and connections with others to be successful. So let’s break this magic down to three things that I believe if you start doing, you too will have these opportunities open up for you.


  1. Be open to new possibilities; anything, anywhere.

—Always be aware that something new could pop up when and where you least expect it. Keep your eyes, ears and heart open!

     2. Recognize what feels right.

—Listen to your heart. Pay attention to how you FEEL when you have an experience that makes you go YES! Don’t let naysayers—or even your own Gollum voice—with their/its own opinions or stories keep you from feeling excited about something if it truly feels like it’s for you.

     3. Go For it.

—Use your voice. Speak up for what you want. Ask. Jump in, be afraid later. You can do afraid, but regret is much worse.


This being so open to anything, awareness of what feels right, and the ability to just jump right in took some training on my part. I haven’t always lived this way. But the more I work on myself—getting to know what feels right, being willing to make mistakes and learn from them, and above all being gentle with myself and allowing myself to try and fail makes all of this come together. And this is something you can do, too. Of this I have no doubt.

So this is the secret of my success. I guess it’s not much of a secret, but hey. I’m an open book and I want to share it with everyone! There’s room for all of us to have success, each in our own way. No one else can do anything just like you do, even the same damn job.

Feeling restless? Maybe it’s time for you to take on a new adventure—whether it be a new job, a new position in your current job, a new relationship that’s sexy or friendly, a new wardrobe! Be open to it all, pay attention to what feels right to you, and GO FOR IT! Go, Do, Rock. Succeed.


  1. Love this Susie!!!

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