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img_6973I’ve just realized a Dream Come True. A true bucket-list item for me has been checked off and circled with hearts and rainbows (and of course a few skulls!) drawn all around it; I’m thrilled and honored beyond words to now be able to call myself a published author with ‘The Badass Planner’, which I recently found on the shelf in the real brick-and-mortar Barnes & Noble—talk about an outer-body experience!

People often ask me how I did it. Sure, there was a whole lotta planning, (see what I did there?) writing and research involved. But this post isn’t ‘Susie’s Guide to Getting Your Book Published’—sorry to disappoint you if that’s what you were hoping for. When it comes right down to it, I give most of the credit to my willingness and ability to What the Fuck?!

Yes, I’m treating that deliciously crass phrase as an actual verb because we writers feel like we have the liberty to do so and honestly, it’s the truth. Often “What the Fuck!” is an exclamation of exasperation, but in this case the What the Fucking that I’m suggesting is to shrug your shoulders and jump right in there with both feet because what do you have to lose?

Fear of failing has so much to do with not having something come through the way you originally envisioned it. But when you have a WTF attitude, you do it

Barnes & Noble wants MY autograph?! Gah!

Barnes & Noble wants MY autograph?! Gah!

anyway. You know the challenge is something that could quite possibly take on its own life, twisting and turning down different paths that you ever imagined it would go, but you’re willing to travel right along side it. That actually trying and doing is what’s most important, and even if it never comes to fruition at all it was worth the time and effort and lessons learned. I don’t know about you, but ‘failure’ doesn’t taste quite as bitter to me as regret.

My first plan with my planner was to publish it myself. Then the ‘but what if…??’ question started buzzing around in my head and I thought, What the Fuck?! I told myself I would go for gold and try to get it picked up by an honest-to-goodness publisher for one year—if nothing happened within that time period, I would just go back to Plan A and do it myself.

Don’t get me wrong. You can’t WTF something and then hope it magically appears before you. It’s gonna take some work. Probably a whole helluva lotta work. And I had a lot of help from some lovely successful people I know that have done this kind of thing before. Don’t forget to ask for help! WTF-ing is not only opening yourself up to going for it, but also being willing to get out there and take guidance and inspiration from outside sources.

What the Fuck?! is a battle cry for the Badass Warrior. What do you have to lose? Everything if you don’t even try to begin with. What are you going to What the Fuck?!


  1. Amazing what you can get done with a plan and a “I’ll conquer this” kinds attitude.

  2. Is it really 200$? That’s the cheapest I have been able to find it

    • Hi Tristan! This year’s planner has sold out–I guess some scammers may be trying to sell it for some ridiculous amount of money (who knew?!) but otherwise it’s unavailable. Stay tuned tho…a 2018 planner will be coming your way! If it’s like last year’s, it should be released in July. Thanks so much for reaching out! XO

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