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Real Interview! — David Finch! 0

Real Interview! — David Finch!

Posted on Mar 11, 2014

As a Life Coach and self-proclaimed Unconventional, I guess you could say my main goal is to help other Unconventionals learn how to celebrate who they are; how to find a way to be that person in a world that often expects us to be conventional. For my clients, this typically means that I help them to see the value of bringing who they really are and what they love into their lives. That they don’t have to ignore what lights them up or makes them tick, even if they spend much of their lives in a situation or career that doesn’t seem to align with those things. If they are the CEO of their company, they can still sing in a heavy metal band. They may love being a responsible parent, but it’s not wrong to crave a reckless sport like bungie jumping. Whether we consider ourselves unconventional or not, in order to earn a respectable place in society we all have to learn how to behave in a socially acceptable way. Unless you are a member of The Sex Pistols, you wouldn’t fart around the Queen. We wouldn’t swear at our grandmother’s funeral. Most of us wouldn’t break out in a Hammertime dance in the middle of an...

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Because Roller Skating is Scary. 0

Because Roller Skating is Scary.

Posted on Nov 21, 2013

Many of you know that I am the proud parent of a frustrating and fabulous Aspie who is often a multi-faceted challenge at his tender age of 12!  All I can say is, the boy is chock-full of life lessons for all. Over the summer, my son was involved in a church group that met once a month. They would spend half the day doing some kind of community service and the other half doing something fun like hitting a local water park, going to a movie or roller skating.  At least fun to most ‘typical’ kids. For the roller skating event, Sullivan asked to bring money along in case he wanted to play a few arcade games. Knowing him and knowing that fact that he probably didn’t love to skate, I figured this would give him something else to do as well.  All I had was a 10 dollar bill on me. I told him he could spend $5 of it and bring the rest back to me. Long story short: Boy plays soul-sucking crane game to try to win an iPad. (I’m sure you see where THIS Is going.) Boy wastes his 5 dollars. Boy calls Mom asking if he can spend the rest. Mom says yes,...

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The YOU you.

Posted on Apr 3, 2012

Inside each of us is the real you…the YOU you. The one who really wants to laugh out loud at a dirty joke but deems it inappropriate to do so. The one who wants to cry in a sentimental moment but won’t let himself. The one who wants to sing and/or dance (in sparkly shoes!)  to the Muzak in the grocery aisle but is too embarrassed. The one who wants to tell someone they are beautiful, but holds back. The one who wants to put her arms up to the sky and twirl around when she sees the ocean, enters a forest, walks the desert–even if there are people close by that most likely would at look you as if you are wacko. Have you ever sat down and thought about the real You?  If that is the person that everyone sees, or if she or he is afraid to show themselves? Do you even feel like you know your own You? So often we get in a pattern of listening to what everyone else thinks of us and how we should be, and that’s who we become. Of course we all have to do some of this just to get along in society–it would be total chaos if...

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