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You Are Never Too Old For a Teddy Bear.

Posted on Aug 28, 2012

I finally have it.  Something I’ve been coveting at the Minnesota State Fair for probably 5 years is now in my hot little hands.  It’s not on a stick, it’s not something you can eat, it’s not new car. It’s my new little alpaca teddy bear. I am in love with alpacas. Seriously, in another life I have an alpaca farm.  I think they are just about the cutest things I’ve ever seen and right now the closest I can get to cuddling one is to have the ever-so-stinkin’-soft teddy bear that is made out of one’s fur. Every year at the fair I have to see the alpacas, and every year I have to cuddle one of the bears.  I always want to buy one, but I have felt silly thinking of spending $30 on a stuffed animal–and at my age!  Surely there is a better way to spend my money. Or is there? Why can’t adults have cuddly toys??  You reach a certain age and all of a sudden it’s childish to love a stuffed animal.  Says who, really??  OK, it might be a bit weird if I carried him around everywhere,  but I’m happy just to have him sit on my bed. (I did clutch him...

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