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Confessions of a Metal Mommy 0

Confessions of a Metal Mommy

Posted on Feb 4, 2015

I recently wrote an essay that I was to read as an audition to speak for an event that celebrates Motherhood. I decided not to participate, but I thought I’d share what I wrote. Just in case any of you other Unconventional Moms out there needed to know that you are not alone…. (yes, I’m in that photo…upper middle…don’t anyone light a match!!) You know when you hear the story about the innocent girl from the midwest who steps off the bus onto Hollywood Blvd with all of her belongings in one bag and a guitar slung over her shoulder, determined to become a star? Well, that girl was me about 25 years ago, except that I arrived in a ’69 VW Bug with a pooping cat and a few more bags. After attending college for one whole year, I blew that popsicle stand because ‘you don’t need a degree to be a rock star.’ I spent about 3 years living the life in Hollywood, singing in a heavy metal band—rubbing elbows with celebrities, my bottle of Boones Farm and I hitting all-night drunken parties, dating dudes with names like Scat, Bumper and Roach, passing out band flyers on the Sunset Strip and singing my heart out to anyone...

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She’s Got What I Don’t Have. But Why? 0

She’s Got What I Don’t Have. But Why?

Posted on Jun 17, 2014

I had the most enlightening conversation this morning with my very best client—me. Doing my usual just-risen routine, scanning messages and Facebook as I hear the coffee pot rumble, I came across a beautiful, successful FB friend of mine doing things I would love to do and having lots of money to do it. My coffee-deprived (and food deprived..I’m coming off of a deep cleanse day with NO FOOD) Gollum brain immediately kicks in with, “Damnit. I want what she has.” It’s kind of an annoying thing, truth be told, but since I’m a life coach when some kind of self-loathing thought whines in my head I automatically start challenging it with smart-ass life coachy banter. Typically it all starts with repetition of only one William Shatner-type word. “Why?” “Because she has lots of money.” “Why?” “Because she’s earned it.” “Why?” “Because she went to school for XYZ and earned a degree.” “Why?” “Because she was interested in that.” “Were you interested in that?” “no.” “Did you go to school to get a degree in something that could make you a lot of money?” “no…” Now we all know that money can’t buy happiness and there are lots of ways to make it—even, no especially!—doing something you love. But...

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I Heart Lord of the Rings! 0

I Heart Lord of the Rings!

Posted on Feb 24, 2014

Anyone who knows me knows I am a Lord of the Rings junkie.  Maybe I wasn’t cool enough to fall in love with the story before I saw the first film back in 2001, but I will say that practically as the credits were rolling I was off the couch and into the book store, snatching up JRR Tolkien’s book along with The Hobbit so I could start the tale from the beginning. As a Life Coach, I can open up any chapter and find a plethora of life lessons in there; lessons just waiting to be inspired by, absorbed, and put into action.  Because I will look for any chance to talk the story to death, I decided to start a blog called I Heart Lord of the Rings doing just that.  The idea behind it is to share what I get out of the different character’s stories and what I feel we can learn from them and apply to our lives.  As a disclaimer, I must say that I am NOT trying to pretend that I know what JRR himself was trying to get across…that is not for me to decide.  All I have to do is decide what to do with the inspiration that is given...

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Saying Goodbye to Your Uterus 0

Saying Goodbye to Your Uterus

Posted on Oct 25, 2013

Well, it’s official. If I was ever questioning it before, it has been proven: I have definitely hit the middle-ages, as I have just given the booterus to the uterus. It was time. Periods were wayyyy too long, uncomfortable cramps for at least half of the month…my doc said it perfectly: why do women feel like they have to suffer through it? If you are done using it, it can go away. And oh, I was done using it. I am perfectly fine knowing the next baby I will care for will be my grandbaby. (and hopefully that won’t be for quite a while…did you hear that, teenage daughter?!) I really thought about throwing a party for the old gal. Complete with uterus cake, (can you see ordering that at Costco?!) uterus pinata and a Pin the Ovaries on the Uterus game. I mean, she may have become a royal pain the abdomen lately, but she has served me well. I have two beautiful and amazing children that she housed for a while. Literally, she was both of my kids’ first homes. She did her job quite well, and I appreciate that very much. I even took a quiet moment to myself to picture her before she was gone and...

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Because Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Posted on Apr 30, 2013

I gotta tell ya, April’s been a month of self-discovery for me.  I’ve been working hard trying to create what the ‘perfect’ coaching practice will look like and finding myself getting stuck on so many different aspects.  When you start your own business, it’s such a reflection of yourself that you want to make sure you are doing it ‘right’.  The sky’s the limit as far as what you can do…I mean, that’s the beauty of doing your own thing, right?  You can do whatever the hell you want. But sometimes that can also be a bit overwhelming–especially for those of us with Shiny Object Syndrome, as Sarah Yost would call it.  This description fits me to a T.  I could do this…but wait!  I could do that!  I could say this, but maybe I’d rather say that?  This looks like fun….but I also want to do that at the same time…. OK, now I will buckle down and get to work on… SQUIRREL!  Grief. Not long ago I came to realize that I am really all about the Wanderlust.  I know it’s cliche, but for me, life really is about the journey.  My success just may not be reaching some point or goal…I think it resides in the work...

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Dost Thou Manifest Badassery? 3

Dost Thou Manifest Badassery?

Posted on Jan 8, 2013

I recently came across this keychain on Etsy and I squealed with delight upon seeing it. I had to have it.  This thing speaks to me in a big way.  Not only does it talk about being B.A., but it does so in an old-world LOTR kind of way.  me like. What does being Bad Ass mean to you?  Does the word (or, words!)  conjure up images of a Harley biker dude, dressed in leather?  Arnold Schwarzenegger shooting up everyone in The Terminator?  Angelina Jolie’s character in Laura Croft, Tomb Raider? For a long time, for me my idea of Bad Ass followed along these lines as I sang in heavy metal and rock bands in Los Angeles, California.  I did everything I could to carry off the image of being tough; not letting anyone or anything hurt me, pushing aside anyone or anything that got in my way of what I viewed as success.  If someone thought I was a bitch, that was a compliment.  If someone did me wrong–look out!  Revenge was imminent.  I may not have physically lashed out but you can bet I did so with attitude and words.  Hence the song I wrote titled, “I’m Gonna Wipe My Ass With Your Heart.”  Somehow that...

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