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How to Cast a Magic Spell

Posted on Jul 21, 2016

So I’m sitting on a lovely beach in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands; all by myself, getting my ocean zen on, and minding my own business. I notice this guy walking down the beach. Huh, I think. He looks kind of like Sawyer from LOST. Nice. He passes by in front of me, and says ‘hi’. I say hi back. As he passes I sigh, looking at my flabby middle aged tummy in my bikini and wishing it didn’t look so much like a flabby middle aged tummy. Ah well, it is what it is, back to the surf, sand and sun. Not long after, Sawyer comes back up the beach and this time he stops and starts chatting with me. Am I from here, where am I from, what have I seen since I’ve been here…we have a conversation like people do when they are chit-chatting about life. I tell him my daughter is coming down to join me next week, and that I was disappointed that my husband couldn’t get enough vacation time to come along with me. Not long after this, he asks me if I might like to have dinner with him sometime. Like the ‘real’ Sawyer, what a cad! I turn him down gently and...

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What I Found in Lost 1

What I Found in Lost

Posted on Sep 8, 2014

*WARNING! MAJOR SPOILAGE ALERT!!* So, I know it’s so yesteryear, but my hubby and I just finished a marathon viewing of the entire Lost saga. Seriously, we watched at least 2 episodes every night for almost a month…because we were obsessed, and then because we needed it to be DONE so we could get on with our lives!!! Did you find yourself completely lost with Lost?? Like everyone that watched this show, we came away with so many more questions. I for one really liked the ending, I certainly never expected it to be a happy one. What bothered me were the unfinished plot lines…why were the women losing their babies and their lives? And why was fertility so important on the island? Why was Walt so special? Why did the Darma Initiative need children? Why were they constantly throwing Egyptian references around (the hieroglyphics, the statue, Richard’s eyeliner…) when it actually had nothing to do with that? Were Jacob and the MIB Greek Gods? Why did each person have their specific number? I feel like the people who wrote the story sort of copped out on some of this…they didn’t know what to do with a lot of it so they didn’t bother wrapping it all up for us....

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