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If You’re Sad and You Know It, Have a Cry…(sniff, sniff…)

Posted on Sep 23, 2012

I am having a sad day.  Do you know what I mean?  It’s like you are just sad, with all of your being, and you can’t really put into words exactly why. Of course for me, it could be because getting Sullivan acclimated to middle school has been hard–he’s overwhelmed and therefore, so am I. It could be that we are in a state of flux right now, not knowing if in 6 months my husband will be here or there with his unknown work status.  It could be that I’m already thinking of missed friends if we end up moving away, and friends that are already missing for some unknown reason. It could be that I myself feel overwhelmed with my retail job hours.  Sometimes I feel like life is just slipping away around me and I’m missing important things. It could be that my daughter just went to her junior Homecoming, and every day she gets more and more independent and grown up and is doing what she’s supposed to be doing…getting farther and farther away from her ol’ parents. It could be that I watched the original beloved Charlotte’s Web cartoon movie this morning–a movie I remember watching in the theater as a child, a story...

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They Will Figure it Out. And So Will You.

Posted on Sep 6, 2012

Aaack, I’ve been nervous about my Sullivan starting middle school.  I will admit that mostly I’ve been feeling like everything will work out, he’ll figure it out eventually….but as the first day approached I found myself starting to wonder how in the world he was really going to do just that. As I’ve mentioned before, Sullivan has Asperger’s Syndrome, so with this comes some unique challenges.  Every single child with this diagnosis has a different level of challenge, as each child with Asperger’s is like….a child with Asperger’s.  I think it’s safe to say that most kids who deal with this deal with some level of awkwardness, be it social, physical, or both…and one of Sullivan’s big areas of improvement would be his organizational skills.  I can’t tell you how many times I have to tell him to do something over and over, only to have it forgotten.  At school last year, things didn’t get written in the planner.  If they did, he often had no clue what it was that he had written about.  He constantly had to be wrangled about getting to business in the mornings, or he would get distracted by a book on the classroom bookshelf and never get around to putting his homework in...

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