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The Olympic Swimmers–Girls Just Want to Have Fun!!

Posted on Aug 2, 2012

Are you watching the Olympics? We are total Olympic geeks around here. It’s kind of hilarious, considering I would sooner eat a bug than participate in a sport. (I guess doing Tae Kwon Do counts as a sport, eh? I think the fact that it did not involve an apparatus is the only reason it worked for me. That and maybe getting to kick and punch and scream.) I think I love the Olympic games for a lot of the same reasons many people do…it’s amazing to watch these athletes do something so many of us would and could never dream of doing, at least not on that level. It’s like they are all Superheroes–especially with those costumes and bods!!! Whoa! (OK, that could be another reason I like watching the Olympics…!) It’s a family thing that we all do together, which is really fun. TV that I can actually enjoy with my kids without feeling guilty about it. I find those men and women from all over the world just as inspiring when they lose as when they win. They are clearly disappointed if they don’t do what they went there to do, in fact crushed…but they carry on, they finish, they hold their heads up high despite...

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