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Push the Envelope! 0

Push the Envelope!

Posted on Jul 30, 2013

I sincerely hope you are pushing the envelope.  Every day.  As an Unconventional, it’s pretty hard for us NOT to.  It’s like a birthright or something. If you are just bursting to try something crazy that feels good but seems a bit scary, say something that feels a bit risky but is from your heart, act on something you almost know but are putting away somewhere for safe keeping…do it.  Holding it in will make it fester, causing you to be frustrated and ornery.  Plus, nobody likes the word fester.  It conjures up all sorts of icky images. Pushing the envelope doesn’t have to be loud and obnoxious. (but that’s really fun, too.) It’s really just about pushing yourself to do something that may be scary but you really want to do, or challenging someone respectfully about a topic you’d like to debate. Maybe it’s posting a photo of yourself in a bikini, because you really like that photo of yourself feeling all blissful at the beach or partying it up with your friends, even though you know you are putting yourself out there to possibly get bitch-slapped by a mean girl who is just being all judgy and obviously insecure.  (this is a direct example of something that...

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Because Eventually, I Just Might Be Okay With It.

Posted on May 21, 2013

I just let a friend of mine tag me in a photo on Facebook.  It’s a photo of me– *gulp*– in my bathing suit.  I’m not sitting under a towel or hiding behind a group of nubile young teenagers who rock a bikini, where you can all assume I look just like them– I’m standing all by myself for all the cyber world to see. I did not let her post this picture because I thought it was a good one of me.  Like most women, I’m guessing, I make sure any image of me has my A-okay before it gets posted for the masses.  If someone tags me in a photo I deem even slightly unsuitable I untag it faster than you can say Boo. In fact, when I first looked at this bathing suit picture, I cringed.  My thighs look way too big.  My stomach used to be flat.  I’m being very clever by holding my cocktail as far away from my body as possible, so that no one confuses my upper arm for my thigh.  (and of course everyone thinks that is a very natural pose, right? I’m pretty sure no one is confused about that old trick.) I know that old boyfriends are looking at...

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