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Have You Bragged Lately?

Posted on Aug 12, 2012

Today I must brag about my parenting. It’s not very often that I feel like I can do that, mind you. Since this most-important life skill did NOT come with a handbook I often feel as though I am bumbling around, hoping the things I say and do are remembered…or probably more often than I’d like to admit, forgotten. But today, on this Sunday, I feel like I am actually doing a pretty darn good job. For one, we finally got off our butts and got someone to come over here to help Sullivan with his math. I know, it’s cruel and unusual punishment to make a kid do math in the summertime, but this actually attributes to my ‘good parent’ feeling. As brilliant as he is, Sullivan really struggles with the whole math thing. He can name every flag that comes marching down the aisle at the Olympic ceremony, but he can’t remember how to solve certain math equations, even when he just did one. I’m sure he inherited this from me, alas. But the problem is besides it being tough for him to grasp, he also gets an attitude about it and really gets frustrated with the whole thing. Being an Aspie I think it’s especially tougher...

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