The Badass Planner

Why Did I Write a Planner?the-badass-planner-for-2017-10

You may be wondering why I chose to channel my schizophrenic knowledge from all of the many things I’ve done into a day planner verses some kind of juicy Hollywood ‘My Life in Hair Days Hollywood’ tell-all book.

First off, I kind of love planners. I should say, I love the IDEA of a planner.

I’d go into a store and take all this time picking out the perfect one (more than likely it would be pink and have skulls on it) and I would be really good about filling it full of all sorts of reminders and tasks…until I wasn’t. That took about one week.

Honestly, most planners are boring AF.

When I thought about what kind of planner I really wanted, it wasn’t one with flowery covers and flowery thoughts because that’s not what life is about. A lot of things in our life can’t be planned; and if they can, very often those plans will change. Life is messy, and often life can be hard. That’s Real life.

I’ve also found that most planners don’t really engage you.

You may write down your daily doings, but honestly…with all of the electronics we have these days, all we need to do is type tasks onto a calendar or an app and this device will remind us to do them. Pretty soon they will probably be doing them for us, which I find a little bit creepy.

I’d rather take some control over my days, wouldn’t you? That’s exactly what you will do with The Badass Planner, and feel sassy doing so. Who doesn’t want to feel sassy??

Each and every one of us has some badassery inside of us just waiting to be unleashed, often when and where you least expect it.

You will start each day with a badass intention. You will break down your tasks not just to check them off the list, but to manage them in the best way possible. You will have monthly goals and pay attention to play time and rest time, which are just as important to fit into your life. And at the end of each month you will reflect on it to celebrate how you rocked the past 30 days and also see where you could have kicked more ass.

warbride_1989aIt was pretty badass to live in Hollywood and sing in a band; but the most badass thing I’ve done is to realize that the life I lived there wasn’t really who I was and to then leave that crazy whirlwind rock-n-roll existence full of uncertainty and shallowness—and what I had always thought was my life-long dream— behind.

My goal with this planner is to help you find your badassery so you can not just get things done, but claim ownership over them and therefore your life. The decisions you make take you one step closer to who you really are, and that’s exactly what I hope to help you do—one kick-ass day at a time.

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